March 6, 1995 to present day

access voice & data issued business license issued tarrant county, texas

The dawn of an added direction, it was felt that to stay ahead, a rebirth must occur. The horizon seemed to be moving from plain old telephone service, (POTS) and equipment, to data networking and intergration. In order to stay in the game, it became very evident, evolve or die. With this in mind, a conservative effort was put in place. We would concentrate all efforts into consolidating customer base to a single product line. The product which we believed offered the most stability and dependability was  the PANASONIC product array. With their continued support of forward thinking and migration of new technologies, it became, and still is our best answer, to customer needs and demands. There is little that a customer could imagine, that we cannot accomplish with the products available, and at our disposal. ACCESS VOICE & DATA is truly dedicated to providing the best possible solution to your every communication need.

june 4, 1984

tarraco telecommunications issued business license issued tarrant county, texas

With the break up of AT&T, and the demise of I.T.T. Terryphone the decision was made to proceed in the direction of independence. Where by we could service, sell and distribute products to customers directly.
 This enabled us to market a wider variety of communication goods and services. Opening the door to continued growth, within the market place as it occurred. In June of 1986, we acquired Orbit Service Company of Dallas, Texas. Also opened a retail outlet June of 1986, PHONES FOR LESS, which allowed a store front presence. In April of 1987, the acquisition of the A&E Communications Company helped round out the customer base that would put us in position as a leader of Telecom product vendors in the DFW area.
 This growth put a diversity of manufactures equipment in our portfolio, this gave the opportunity to assess, customer needs, as well as different manufactures equipment. Allowing us to determine, which manufactures stood our test and resolve to supply the best equipment available.

january 3, 1977


Served as exclusive contractor to I.T.T. Terryphone. I.T.T. Terryphone had 78 branches throughout the United States. Our first contract was in Tulsa, Ok, Jan 77 thru June 77. Second served in Little Rock, Ar, July 77 thru Nov 77. Third served in Tampa, Fl from Dec 77 thru Mar 78. Fourth served Washington D.C. from Mar 78 thru Dec 78. Fifth served Memphis, Tn from Jan 79 thru September 79. Sixth served Atlanta, Ga from October 79 thru Oct 80. Returned to Memphis served Nov 80 thru Mar 82. During which time was awarded I.T.T. Service Contractor of the Year 1981. Then served Dallas, Fort Worth, Tx April 82 to June 84.

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evolution of this company as defined by websters dictionary copyright 1992 edition 1. The act or process of unfolding; development or growth, usually in slow stages and from simpler forms to those

                      which are more complex: the evolution of the telephone.